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Friday, April 13,2012 |  Edition 1.8

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Physician employment rises in hospitals
Despite a shortage of doctors projected to be at nearly 30,000 in the next few years, one area which is seeing an influx of new doctors is hospitals, which will eventually result in an increase     Read More...
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Increasing Impetus on Physician Reimbursements becoming value-based
Both federal and private payers are shifting compensation from volume to value of services. According to American Medical News one of such payers is UnitedHealth Group who is to start offering approximately 50- 70%      Read More...
Specialty EMR Market not completely tapped
Recent estimates conclude there are various specialists in the EMR market who rather than using specialty EMR, usually follow the trend of using a general EMR which has a few extra functions; however user views suggest that general EMRs with extra functions/templates are usually not sufficient for many specialists.      Read More...

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