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Tuesday August 20, 2013 | Edition 1.60

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Industry transition to make certification a norm for Biller & Coders!
Even though currently billers and coders do not mandatory require obtaining certification, this is expected to change due to increased competition in the job market.
Industry experts believe-
Growing competition, growth and industry changes are collectively making employers more cautious, hence gradually increasing the need for certified medical billers and coders
Certification is most likely to become the norm from as early as 2020... Read More
Reasons for Industry growth and transition-
Senior citizen population :
  • Advances in medical technology have made is possible for people to live longer, more active lives, additionally by 2020, one out of six Americans will be 65 years or older by 2020, increasing the ...

Effect on Billing and Coding
  • Need for highly skilled billers and coders will increase in hospitals and health care facilities.
  • Higher need for certified coders to accurately code, plus submit and follow up claims from varied payers Read More
Billers & coders help providers adapt to ICD-10 documentation changes!
ICD-10 supports data exchange and increased efficiency; however this on the other hand is bound to affect clinical documentation significantly. Read More
News Feed
More than $14 bn. in government incentives has helped make possible the move to digitize medical records, also increasing the demand for medical billing and coding specialists.
2 The number of medical billing and coding specialists employed remotely as independent contractors or employees by large, reputable employers is expected to grow over the next decade by 2022.
CMS Updates
1 On eve of Medicare anniversary, over 6.6 million seniors save over $7 billion on drugs Read More
2 Targeting Medicaid Super-Utilizers to Decrease Costs and Improve Quality Read More
Tips on preparing for a medical billing and coding job interview

Resume - list certification, computer and electronic medical records knowledge, courses covered during training, responsibilities handled in previous company or academically

Prepare for the interview - list all the possible areas you could be questions about, and prepare suitable answers which may highlight your professional qualifications to your advantage

While talking to your prospective employer…
  • Be prepared to talk about your previous job experience, internships and/or externships, challenges tackled, growth achieved and so on.
  • Based on the job description customize your responses.
  • Research in advance the health system or employer.
  • Analyze the type of health system the organizations operates, including the type of patient population and procedures they typically deal with on a day-to-day basis.
  • Talk about your training and internship experience in relation to the organizations set-up.
  • Update the interviewer about any technical skills and coding systems worked on in the past.
  • Prepare to answer questions related to collections, dealing with an irate individual, or correcting a clerical error.
  • Revise basic medical terminology as you may be quizzed on it during the interview.
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