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Wednesday, October 5,2011 |  Edition 1.4

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Medicaid claims audits slated for January
The Medicaid recovery Audit program is due to get implemented nationwide in January, carrying on in a similar vein as Medicare RAC program, as announced by CMS on 14th September, 2011. The Medicare RAC had recovered $451.3 million in overpayments and corrected $78.5 million in underpayment within six months in 2011.      Read More...
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Hospitalists registered a pay increase in 2010
The year 2010 has registered a hike in the median compensation for Hospitalists. The Hospitalists in adult medicine saw their compensation increase 2.6% to $220,619 from $215,000 while the Pediatric Hospitalists' pay rose by 7.2% to $171,617.      Read More...
Group Appointments: A new niche for Primary Care Practice
Group appointment, also referred to as shared medical appointment, includes multiple patients seen as a group for follow-up or routine care. These visits are voluntary for patients and provide a secure but interactive setting in which patients have:
  • improved access to their physicians,
  • the benefit of counseling with additional members of a health care team (such as a behaviorist, nutritionist, or health educator), and
  • share experiences and advice with one another.

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