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Tuesday October 09, 2012 | Edition 1.15

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New staffing techniques are sought to source qualified Billers and Coders

Staffing shortages has recently been cited as one of the top coding challenges

Industry facts:
Stated that over half of coding employers had “open coding positions”, mainly due lack of qualified candidates & applicants lacking on the job experience.

Why the lack of trained staff?
  • Educational process- coders are not being trained fast enough to fill the need
  • Sheer number and detail involved- increasing demand for data & compliance issues
  • Changing reimbursement systems & an expanded need for coding expertise
Healthcare facilities dealing with the shortage & growing opportunities!
  • Shortage of coders to increase with BLS estimating 35,100 new coding-related jobs before 2018
  • Organizations are becoming more - flexible, creative, & committed while filling positions

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Specific Specialty experience enhances career for Billers & Coders!
Even though a medical billing and coding salary level comprises of various factors – experience, geography, skill, employer, employer, references and so on; however being an expert in one specific field is one of the means to demand ..... Read More
News Feed
BLS reported that employment of health information technicians is expected to increase by 21 % from 2010 to 2020, faster than the average for all occupations.
2 According to the AAPC Survey in general larger employers pay better averaging at around $44,900 p.a. ; whereas small & medium providers pay on an average around $41,000 p.a.
CMS Updates
1 New Program to Increase Quality in Nursing Facilities... Read More
2 Through the Affordable Care Act, Americans with Medicare will save $5,000 through 2022... Read More
Tips on Networking with Other Coders

With the application of codes being case specific, networking with other coding professionals helps to acquire consistency in medical coding along with others benefits like:
  • Being updated with current coding news and practices
  • Advice from currently practicing coders on various coding techniques
  • Practical research materials& relevant education resources
  • Online Coding Community- Use a recognized online coding communitylike AHIMA to reach out to other coders to network, share, solve problems, and stay informed on the latest trends in all Coding &HIM related topics.
  • Mentor -Find and connect with a suitable mentor, experts with HIM subject matter expertise in coding and classification topics can help advance and grow your skills.
  • Social Networking -Networking via the Internet at social networking sites Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter is a useful way to connect with other coding professionals
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