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Tuesday, Aug 09,2011 |  Edition 1.2

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Primary care Physicians to be the most affected by the proposed 30% CMS Cuts on Medicare payment for 2012
The physicians’ proposed fee schedule issued by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for 2012 includes approximately 30% payment reduction in Medicare payments. If the proposed Medicare cuts become a reality.      More..
ICD-10 Implementation: An update for physicians and coders
The transition to ICD-10 is much more than a mere increase in codes and field sizes. The descriptions of diagnosis codes in ICD-10 may be very different to what coders are used to seeing and using in ICD-9. Therefore, the complexity in transition is significant and shouldn’t be avoided by medical coders.       More..
Latest Coding Resources and Products Available Online, for a Fee
Coding is a very crucial step in a clinic’s revenue cycle process and coders need to keep themselves updated with changing industry regulations and norms to remain competitive. But the question is how?      More..
MBC Update
Professional Revenue Cycle Management Consultancy Services by
MBC offers expert consultancy services to healthcare providers across the US for strategic, operational, and revenue cycle management, no matter the size of their organization. Viewing the dynamic changes sweeping through the healthcare industry       More..

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