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Wednesday August 13, 2014 | Edition 2.40
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Survey Shows 70% Hospitals to Hire a CDI Consultant by 2015
In order to facilitate the transition to ICD-10 coding, majority of hospitals in the US have started hiring a Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) consultant. According to a survey conducted by Black Book, 70% of hospitals will be hiring a CDI consultant to ease transition to the new coding system by 2015.

Industry facts:
According to coding managers, there will be a 40% jump in ICD-10 jobs by 2015
Demand for certified coders will increase to another 30-40% in 2015 once practices get a better idea of their coding needs
As per the Black Book Survey, 24% of hospitals currently outsource their Clinical Documentation Improvement effort
Several large hospitals with CDI partners are experiencing significant revenue gains because of CDI consultants  
Increasing Demand for CDI Consultants
The industry experts are of view that accuracy of clinical documentation needs to be improved if physicians want to improve the financial health of their practice. –
50% Hospitals to Start Outsourcing Coding Services by 2015
The market is feeling the strain of coder shortage with the official announcement of ICD-10 deadline. The new coding system is pushing the demand for certified and well-trained coders. Consulting firms, vendors and outsourcing agencies are hiring skilled coders at high salaries. ...
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According to a report by the research firm KLAS, it has become important for the physician practices to retain experts or replace staff with professional coders before the implementation of ICD-10
2 Coders who get certified in ICD-10 will be the most sought-after employees in the US medical industry by next year
CMS Updates
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Tips to Prepare for ICD-10 Transition:

  • Coders need to open communication lines with physicians in order to prepare for ICD-10
  • They need to ask physicians for feedback about query processes
  • Coders can also start working in co-ordination with surgeons to develop templates for frequently performed surgeries. These templates should include information required for ICD-9 as well as ICD-10. This will help physicians insert specificity wherever required
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