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Friday, March 9,2012 |  Edition 1.8

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Uninsured population rate% vs. Physician's density ration in Texas, Mississippi & Oklahoma
Physicians work scope is expected to change with millions of Americans to gain health insurance through the Affordable Care Act in 2014. On the upside Physicians especially primary-care provider will experience higher demand transforming to higher reimbursements and job security. However, on the other hand other healthcare reform initiatives would      Read More...
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The primary care physician shortage in California
State of California is facing an increased shortage of primary care physicians especially -with a rise in the number of elderly population in the State leading to increase in health coverage under Federal Health care reforms. Additionally 30% of primary care physicians in the state are nearing retirement being above 60 or older- the highest percentage in any state.   Read More...
Private insurers leaning towards Medicare and Medicaid to maintain profitability amidst healthcare reforms
Over the past 3 years, rise of 36% to 42% has been depicted in the share of large insurers' revenues due to federal programs - Medicare and Medicaid. According to the research division of Bloomberg- insurers are likely to further increase their reliance on federal government post the implementation of the health-care law in 2014, when Medicaid will develop to cover an eventual 16 million additional low-income Americans and the government will begin subsidizing private-insurance policies for an projected 19 million more.       Read More...

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