Dentrix was one of the first systems for dental billing software. With 30,000 installations and 20 years of experience, Dentrix is the undisputed leader in practice management solutions.

Dentrix provides the latest advances in technology to build a digital practice and improve productivity and profitability of physician’s clinic.

The billers in our association are also trained and have a vast experience in using this dental billing software. Our billers use the following features of this software optimally to give the best results.

Practice Advisor:

With Dentrix practice advisor, our billers compare the financial and operational health of physician’s practice to industry benchmarks so that physicians can identify areas to improve in order to increase profitability.


Dentrix keeps updating its software, our billers make proper use of this and keep themselves updated with the new features and codes of the industry.

Daily/Monthly Reports:

With daily /monthly reports our billers provide physicians complete easy-to-use day sheets (and deposit slips!), month-end reports, and informative aging reports.

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