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Misys Tiger

Misys Tiger is complete medical billing software which offers a full set of solution for your medical practice. With an industry experience of 25 years, Misys Tiger is one of the most relied brands of medical billing software amongst physician, and our medical billers, to optimize workflow and increase productivity. Misys Healthcare Systems, a division of Misys plc, currently serves more than 92,000 physicians in 18,000 practice locations, 55major specialties, 1,200 hospitals, 600 home care providers and hundreds of commercial laboratories, clinics, managed services organizations, integrated delivery networks and other related organizations. So if you are amongst them, our association has experienced medical billers who will help you to make a proper use of Misys Tiger billing software.

Misys Tiger provide solutions for medical billing. This product can help our billers to efficiently manage various stages of revenue, from billing to collection, with the purpose of increasing reimbursement speed and accuracy.

Some of the main features of this billing software are as follows:

Insurance processing –

Our billers can easily process hardcopy and electronic claims also does coordination of (EOB) explanation of benefits.

Includes -

individual, family, budget and cycle billing.

Integrated electronic data interchange –

Our billers effectively use a wide variety of electronic transactions including professional and institutional claims, remittance posting, payer responses and notes, patient billing, collection letters, recall notices, and more through integrated electronic data interchange.

Collections Tracking System -

Our billers enhance the efficiency of the patient collection process by collections tracking system.

Insurance Edits System - 

Assist our billers to save time and money by identifying errors before claims are filed.


compliance and totally secure.

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