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AdvanceMD provides web-based medical billing software, which is the most preferred choice by physicians nationwide and also supports outsourcing. It’s been developed by industry experts who understand medical billing and the difficulties faced by physicians in running a profitable medical practice.

AdvanceMD’s medical billing software is being used by more than 10,000 providers, if you are one of them and looking for billers with capability to handle your medical billing process then you have reached the right place.

The below listed medical billers of our association are trained on AdvanceMD medical billing software. Billers have found the following features of this software useful to improve the efficiency of their billing procedure:

Our billers remain updated of New Medical Rules & Billing Changes with this software.

Our billers with the help of claim inspector application of AdvancedMD had overcome high billing claim rejections. Our billers send clean, up-to-date claims scrubbing process alerts them of potential pitfalls prior to submission, resulting in a guaranteed 95% first-pass acceptance rate.

Our Medical billers estimate that 10% of all paper super bills are misplaced each year. With customized forms, this software allows them to utilize a point-and-click screen that has the appearance of the paper charge slip.

Full A/R Reporting: Our billers trained on AdvancedMD billing system provide a robust combination of high-level and detailed revenue cycle analysis which is essential to optimizing receivables. They derive strategic summary reports to monitor progress and highlight potential problem areas, which is needed to address A/R-related issues.

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