Office Ally

Office Ally offers comprehensive free medical billing software which has helped a lot of physicians to improve their revenue cycle. Though free of cost office ally can help to align the operations of your office. They generally charge the payers to submit your claims. So, if you are using this software or planning to buy this software we have medical billers in our association who are trained and well experienced in using this software.

Some of the features which make it a popular software with our billers are:

Claims filtering:

In Office Ally’s billing software claims are easy to look up and have several filtering features. When our billers witness a scrubbed claim report and detect errors, they look at “repairable claims” section where edits can be made and the claim is finally resubmitted.

Payer list search:

Office Ally has a simplified tool whereby it is simple to either look up or download a full listing of payers. Before selecting a clearinghouse to use for submission of claims our billers make sure payers are included in step one.

Super bills:

Office Ally software helps our billers to create super bills customized to practice needs.Our billers would try to replicate your existing Superbill format closest to your existing paper Superbill.

HIPAA complaint:

Office Ally meets HIPAA Compliance clauses and its website claims 128-bit encryption, making claims transmission safe and secure.

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