GE centricity

The Centricity medical billing software is used in many forms of the medical fields including emergency room departments, home health care agencies, hospitals etc.The centricity medical billing software is capable of carrying the billing practices of thousands of physicians. So, if you are one of those using GE centricity medical billing software, we can provide you medical billers who are extremely proficient in using this software.

Documentation :

This medical billing software helps the medical billers to document any and all patient encounters with the doctors, helps to streamline clinical work flow, and it allows them to be able to exchange clinical data with other providers, patients, and information systems.

Reporting :

Advanced reporting modules allow our medical billers take a closer look at profitability of physicians.

Centricity EDI Services :

This service helps our medical billers to analyze payer transaction volumes, claim levels and rejection trends with GE’s single-source electronic connection to over 1,000 payers.

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