Orthopedics Transcription

Documentation remains the skeleton of all healthcare practices.

Amongst the most required services under Medical Transcription services is considered the Orthopedic Transcription, given the acute nature of the practice and the intensity of treatment provided by orthopedic physicians.

Most transcriptionists trained on orthopedic specialty focus on quality of reports and turn around provided to physicians.

Our Medical transcription covers typing

  • correspondence
  • progress notes
  • clinical notes
  • discharge summaries
  • operative reports
  • Referral letters
  • SOAP notes

Orthopedic surgeons, physicians across states have been recommending our transcription services. Medical transcriptionists having years of experience in recording HPI, symptoms, Allergies, prescriptions, diagnosis, and clinical assessment would provide the accuracy and detail orientation required by your clinic.

Our transcription service also provide your transcripts within an EMR of your choice as they have been using a plethora of platforms to transcribe, to name a few NextGen, eClinical works, Practice Partner, Mysys Tiger, Sage Medical Manager and Alta point. To experience the impeccable service of orthopedic transcriptionists, you can fill out the form below and we will get you connected to the best available options.