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Tuesday October 14, 2014 | Edition 2.60
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Growing Demand for Medical Scribes for Documentation and Coding
Doctors have started hiring medical scribes to sail through challenges related to documentation, shortage of coders, stringent reforms and lack of time. Scribes are helping doctors focus more on patient care rather than filling forms and handling computerized patient records. While scribes take care of computer coding and note-taking, physicians tend to patients.

Industry facts:
A survey by ACCP-SI (American College of Chest Physicians Sleep Institute) states that most doctors sleep few hours than needed for best performance
On an average, face-to-face clinic visit doesn’t last more than 16 minutes as physicians increase number of patients to make ends meet
70% physicians spend more than one day per week on paperwork rather than attending patients
Medical scribes are helping doctors strike a work-life balance by reducing their workload
Benefits of Hiring a Medical Scribe

The demand for medical scribes is increasing in the US as they share a physician’s burden to gather data and perform EHR documentation. Read More
How Can Coders Increase their Earning Potential?
Experienced coders can enhance their earning potential by becoming peer reviewers, supervisors & then auditors. They can also become consultants & start earning a six figure salary. Medical coding is one profession in the US healthcare industry that offers flexibility as well as a good package.
News Feed
According to the American College of Medical Scribe Specialists (ACMSS), approximately 20,000 scribes are expected to be working at US hospitals and clinics by the end of 2014
2 It is being expected that by 2020 the medical scribe industry will increase to 100,000
CMS Updates
1 Volunteers Sought for ICD-10 End-to-End Testing in January: Forms due October 3 Read More
2 October 3rd is Last Day for 1st-year Medicare EPs to Begin a 2014 Reporting Period
Read More
Tips for Starting a Career as a Medical Scribe

  1. Medical scribes need to have various skills in order to perform their job in an effective manner. They are required to have a good knowledge of medical terminology
  2. Scribes should be able to recognize the process of physical examination and record the details
  3. He / she needs to be proficient in using computers and have a knack of learning new applications
  4. Scribes should have the ability to work well in stressful situations
  5. He / she should have the ability to quickly record error-free information
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