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Thursday December 18, 2014 | Edition 2.90
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Was 2014 a Good Year for Medical Coders?
Medical coders were one of the most in-demand Health Informatics workers in 2013-2014. There were approximately 24,270 total job postings for medical coders last year. From 2012 to 2014, an upward trend has been witnessed in the median salaries for the coders too. However, the increase was distributed unevenly based on factors like the geographical location, professional experience, workplace and certification.

Industry facts:
As estimated by the U.S. Department of Labor, the demand for medical coding specialists will increase by 22% from 2012 to 2022
On an average, the medical coding field is experiencing a faster rate of growth as compared to all other occupations in the US. This field is expecting an increase of approximately 37,700 employees by 2020
Coders with CPC credential have to face 1.7% unemployment rate as compared to the national average of 7.4%, according to BLS   Read More
Salary Increase Based on Experience
With an increase in the aging population, more healthcare services will be used by the Americans. New healthcare regulations and reforms will call for more accountability from the providers. This will create more jobs for qualified and certified medical coding specialists.
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Will 2015 Bring Good News for Coders with ICD-10 Looming Large?
2015 is expected to be a good year for medical coders across the US. With ICD-10 implementation scheduled on October 01, 2015, the demand for certified and experienced coders will grow exponentially.
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News Feed
According to a survey by the Medical Group Management Association, only 4.8% of responding practices were implementation-ready for ICD-10
2 Organizations with more than 5,000 health systems and hospitals in the US sent a letter to House and Senate leaders, urging Congress not to delay the ICD-10 switchover again
CMS Updates
1 Improvements for 2015
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2 CMS releases new data demonstrating increased choice, competition in the Health Insurance Marketplace in 2015
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Two Types of Medical Coding Training by AAPC
  • Online Training:
    Study from the comforts of your home by choosing an online course of your choice, including CPC Single Course, CPC Complete Training or CPC-H Single Course or CPC-H Complete Training
  • Classroom Training
    AAPC coding classes are available round the country. The courses are specially designed by instructors and healthcare professionals themselves. Only AAPC-approved instructors are hired to teach medical coding to students
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