Improvements for 2015

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is pleased to announce several changes to the website as we launch the next Marketplace open enrollment period and continue our ongoing efforts to improve and expand Medicaid coverage across the country:

New Home Page
We have given our home page a streamlined and more modern look! You’ll still find quick links to new and notable items on the site including federal policy guidance and other new technical assistance resources. We also made it easy to complete key tasks from the home page, like sign up for e-mail updates and comment on pending 1115 demonstrations.

Streamlined Resources for Consumers
A great deal of our website traffic actually comes from consumers who are interested in finding out how to apply for Medicaid coverage. In order to make that information as clearly available as possible, we created a new Consumer Action page to help them find the information they need, either through their state’s Medicaid program website or by visiting We also include information about coverage opportunities for children and a link to the great resources that are available on our sister site

Medicaid and CHIP National Program Information
We have incorporated the information that used to reside in our Medicaid Moving Forward section into a new area that highlights National Medicaid and CHIP program information. There you will find an expanded page for our monthly Medicaid and CHIP Enrollment Reports as well as our national tables outlining Medicaid-Marketplace Coordination and the list of states that have adopted Targeted Enrollment Strategies. If you had bookmarked the Medicaid Moving Forward location, please take a moment to update your bookmark so you can get to the new location.

Medicaid and CHIP State Profiles
We have also expanded our State Medicaid and CHIP profiles to provide a more complete picture of the many policy and programmatic features that make up each state’s Medicaid and CHIP program. Some of the new elements of these state-specific profiles include: Medicaid and CHIP eligibility levels; monthly Medicaid and CHIP enrollment data; a state-specific list of approved state plan amendments and waivers; links to detailed Medicaid managed care profiles, and children’s participation rates in Medicaid and CHIP.

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