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Healthcare and Medical facilities are flourishing in the State of Florida and the per capita expenditure on healthcare ($8,047 per person) seems to be showing a steady rise. In 2010, the population of Jacksonville, Florida is stated to be that of 820,659.

In Jacksonville, there are 257 physicians per 100,000 population whereas the US average is 221. The average salary of a general practitioner in Jacksonville earns around $160,664 and the highest is earned by a cardiologist with a salary amount of $312,738.

The rate of reimbursement in the State is all set to drop for physicians participating in Medicare thus revenues for doctors is likely to drop, while the government expects the quality of care provided to patients to improve with automated clinics and trained staff.

All these developments are difficult to keep up with for any physician. The incoming revenue is reducing while expenses are on a rise, thus optimizing revenue cycle to sustain and increase profits is the step to take ahead. But just like every other city in the United States, Jacksonville is struggling to fulfill the current requirement of professional medical billers and coders to handle its physicians Medical and Coding needs.

On an average a medical biller in Jacksonville earns around between $28,634 and $39,005, while the cost of a medical billing expert in Jacksonville (outside your clinic) can be around $24,000 to $27,000.

Medical billing experts who are on your staff not your payroll their expertise, market knowledge and specialized experience is superior to the available option and are always preferable.

These experts could opt to work from home as their efficiency is high and they can manage the billing process of more than one clinic. A Team of Home based billers who specialize in their own function and are certified by credible associations are a suitable option to optimize your billing process.



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