Our Happy Clients are Saying

Dr. Kavita Shah Patel, MD
Internal Medicine | Houston, Texas
Dr. Vadim Madfis, MD
Internal Medicine | Houston, Texas

Our Happy Clients are Writing

Dr. Faulds

Record high collections this month for our Chiropractic Practice! Thank you MBC!

Dr. Larry C. Watson
MD | Houston, Texas

I want to thank you for your professional help during the past two years with our accounts receivable. I have absolutely nothing but appreciation for your company in helping us out with the jam we were in when our office manager suddenly quit. Since that time we have enjoyed an absolutely non-problematic relationship. Our experience with claims injury, handling insurance rejections, posting our payments, the account receivable process, patient statements, and the excellent service provided to my patients are greatly appreciated. I also sincerely appreciate all the help that you have given me and my staff and I wish you the best of luck in future endeavors.

Dr. Michael Goldstein
OD | Rocky Hill, Connecticut

I have been a client for the past 4 months and am completely satisfied with the service your office provides. As you know, my private Optometry practice has been in operation for almost 60 years, and I have been the owner for the past 15 years. Since the purchase of my practice, in-office medical billing has been a problem. For years, I hired in-office employees to provide the billing services, and there were problems always. Problems were always when the employee wanted time off; nothing was billed, lack of knowledge, laziness, and gaps between hiring new employees. I even had one biller that if the insurance needed additional work to process she just ignored it and wrote the balance off without my knowledge. I can't even calculate how much money was lost over the years, and wonder if I knew about your services earlier, what the practice would be like today. My Client Servicing & Operations Manager from MedicalBillersandCoders.com is always available either via email or by phone. He runs a tight ship, and figures out problems before they occur. Our weekly conference call is a valuable tool, and I am still getting used to having such thorough communications. Money is flowing into my practice regularly now, with daily insurance submission. Any medical practice that wants an efficient medical billing company should call these people.

Dr. J N Kamau
Bedford, Ohio

MBC has helped us tremendously. We manage a free standing emergency room in Bedford, Ohio and we needed a company that would credential us with all the insurance companies including Medicare/Medicaid and also do our billing and coding. By God's grace we came across MBC on the internet. Having been disappointed by other billing services in the past, we were pleasantly surprised at how great this company has been to us. They got us credentialed in time and established our billing cycles on time and overall they have been a great help. They are always there to answer our questions and work with other vendors who we have to use for various other issues. This is a great company, doing an excellent job. Personally on behalf of myself and my company, I thank you very much and trust that you will be open to helping others in the same way that you helped us. Thank you very much, keep up the great work!

Emilia C Bazan-Salazar
Beaverton, Oregon

Medical Billers and Coders have extensive experience with my specialty in long term care and skilled Medicare billing. This is an area that separates a better billing company from the rest. Their coders have been able to read operative notes and understand which series of codes and modifiers are needed for proper medical billing and maximum reimbursement resulting in a 98-99% return. They have been very easy to reach and returned messages promptly. Patients were provided with a toll free number for easy access. Hours of operation are clearly stated and honored which is a plus to either myself or my patients that have questions. It was extremely helpful that the company assigned a client service manager to me in the beginning who was knowledgeable and easy to reach anytime day or night. It made me feel safe to know that issues and questions will be resolved in an efficient manner. The billing company has offered a variety of reports on all of my billing activities, as well as customizable reports which has made it easy to see where I am at in billings, paid and accounts pending. Year-end productivity reports were also offered which could be customized by provider, by procedure, or by location. All requested reports were detailed, accurate, and timely. I would highly recommend them from any independent practice as well as large groups. In fact, I have recommended them to several colleagues.

Glorisa Harvilla
Matawan, New Jersey

Med X Medical Management Services holds your company in the highest regard as far as customer service & expertise goes; it is exceptional & very knowledgeable in all aspects of the medical claims management industry. Our decision to contract your services had as much to do with your quick, accurate & competent response to our question, as it did with the service itself. We would never hesitate in doing business with you!

Betsy Lang
Peabody, Massachusetts

I have now entered a 3-month relationship with MBC (Since Feb 2013) and would like to provide feedback. I have had an excellent relationship with MBC from the very beginning. Medicalbillersandcoders.com has been very responsive to my questions and provides solutions to all problems and concerns that have occurred during our initial work relationship to the present. It must have been a very difficult task to transition from my previous biller, but the teams were swift in following up with insurance billers and sorting out quite a mess. Currently a new colleague is being credentialed by MBC Company. I look forward moving forward with her joining my practice and doing business with MBC. It has been a pleasure. Thank you to all of MBC team.

Dr. Watson
Nassau bay, Texas

As a practicing general surgeon I have great confidence in Medical Billing and Coding who is responsible for handling my accounts receivable, insurance submissions, and accounts aging and maintenance. MBC are proficient in collecting all money due and keeping me informed of transactions and balances.

Dr. Allen

For the last 4 years, MBC has been an integral part of growing our counseling and Intensive outpatient programs. My team and I appreciate MBC's commitment to exceptional customer support, credentialing, and billing services.

Dr. Ingrid Arnold
DO | Mesquite, Texas

I appreciate your prompt results on my Medicare inquiry. Dr. Ingrid Arnold and I appreciate the quality work that you and your team have provided to her practice. We had tried a couple of different insurance posting options, before we contracted with your company. We are delighted that we found your company to assist us. We find your reports timely and informative. I will recommend your services, without reservation, to any of our physician friends, who might be looking for a more reliable billing service.

Dr. Hill
Allen, Texas

MBC has many strengths that makes the services rendered by them outstanding. The communication between my account manager and I was essential to keep billing updates accurate and MBC effectively took care of that. I have been impressed with the turn around time for receiving my claims and then sending them to the HMO'S. I have been in private practice for 19 years and a 48 hrs turn-around is the best I have experienced so far. A daily Data Entry Report is given within 48 hrs. of receiving claims, this allows physicians to know that their claims have been processed and decreases reimbursement time for claims. Thanks for your commitment to excellent service.

Susan Lansche
New Bern, North Carolina

I began working with medicalbillersandcoders.com in the beginning of September this year after struggling for a period of time to find an affordable and reliable medical billing company. I am a therapist in a solo private practice, billing and having to deal with insurance companies is a time consuming activity and takes me away from what I do best – counseling! It is very difficult to find a company that is willing to work with a small sized practice such as mine and at a rate that I can afford. When I got in touch with medicalbillersandcoders.com, the sign up process was smooth and working with their Account Manager made a huge difference to my hectic work routine; the transition period was made much shorter than I expected. My primary MBC account manager and I have set aside a time each week to speak with each other over the phone to discuss any concerns or issues. Majority of my work is online and ease of operation makes it possible for me to coordinate things smoothly. So far I am very satisfied with the company, my account manager and the manner in which he is handling my account.

Juxon Morgan Lankford
Wilmington, North Carolina

I am a mental health counselor and was previously in a group practice for several years. During this time I put my complete trust in our billing professional without truly knowing the ins and out of billing process. So when I recently became an individual practitioner I was very nervous about having to possibly figure it all out on my own. Medical Billers and Coders was recommended to me by a colleague who was also an individual practitioner. I was completely put at ease from the start after calling and inquiring about their services. Being able to find a comprehensive service that meets my needs by providing: insurance verification and eligibility; charge and demographic entry; denial management; account analysis and follow up; payment postings; and patient scheduling has been extremely stress relieving. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that their service rate is only 7% of my collections, which is much less than what I was paying in the group practice. The Practice Mate system was confusing to navigate at first because I was just not used to it. However, the customer service representatives were able to train me quickly in mastering the system. I have been extremely pleased with all customer service individuals I have spoken with. My personal billing specialist has been very genuine, professional, and attentive. He has taken the time to answer all of my many questions about the process and my patient accounts. I was surprised at how thorough he has been in emailing me the minutes of our phone conversations. He is always available for me to contact.

Kelly S. Oggero
M.D. | Houston, Texas

Medicalbillersandcoders.com was a real asset to our private practice. We were resistant to installing a complete EHR (besides our electronic billing system) and they allowed us to effectively outsource our billing and coding. They were very efficient, very professional and it was a net profit for our business

William Escoffery III
MD, JD, MBBS | Florida & Indiana

As the CEO of Destin Family Medicine in the Florida Panhandle, I'd like to take this opportunity to highly recommend Medicalbillersandcoders.com for all your medical billing and collections. We have worked with Medicalbillersandcoders.com for about 6 months (July 2013)up to this point and have found them to be courteous, prompt and effective. The bottom line is that, for a reasonable fee, they have reduced our staffing requirements and very significantly improved our financial collections. Thank you Medicalbillersandcoders.com!

Cynthia G. Brown
President and Office Manager

It is my pleasure to write a testimonal about the excellent service our company has received from MedicalBillersandCoders.com. Our company was in a desperate need of a billing Company that could handle everything from A - Z. And this was provided , with always a generous and kind voice. I was new at this position and was treated with gentle but knowledgeable persons with every need I had. I am thankful for all the help I got from this Company, I appreciate their thorough and perfection in handing our Billing needs. I recommend them to anyone! They are fair in the market pricing , especially for all the times I needed to call upon them and they took their time in explaining to me what I need to do. Thank You to everyone involved , and especially for those that had the difficult task of attending to our Company's need. You helped us in more ways than you know.

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