Starting a new practice? Then you definitely need Medical Billers who are experts in setting up practices or getting Physicians credentialed with various payers.


Our Medical Billers and Coders have been in the business of billing for so long that they are trained on getting physicians introduced to new networks and payers, some of them can also expedite the process of credentialing with government agencies.

These Billers are well versed with the process as well as right party contacts to connect for the best credentialing offers. They are well aware of the market offering of each payer and thus try to negotiate the best rates for your practices. Generally these Billers can draw up the average fee charged by other specialists in your community and consult with you about the fee charged by your practice.

Payer Contract Evaluations & Renegotiation :

Payer contracting, evaluation and renegotiations is very critical to every practice, yet many practices only setup their contracts one time and allow them to automatically renew without any negotiations.

Healthcare Providers, now more than ever before, need to do everything in their power to collect and keep as much of their revenue as possible.Most offices has never renegotiated their contracts and very few actually renegotiate them on an annual basis. This simple fact means that practices are missing out on additional revenue that can be substantial and greatly impact the practice. If interested in learning what renegotiating your contracts could mean to your bottom line please use the contact form on this page to receive some quick assistance.

Our billers will assist you to evaluate and renegotiate payer's contract which will provide you quantifiable results that directly impact your bottom line.

Annual Credentialing Maintenance :

Nurse Practitioner & Physician Assistant credentialing – Having new Nurse Practitioners and Assistants but not being able to bill for them, surely affects your revenue cycle. Getting them credentialed in time can save you a lot of trouble and revenue loss. Our billers are experts in handling this, so let them handle it and you can concentrate in your practice.

Medicare Enrollment Services :

Most services would charge you the most to get you enrolled with Medicare due to the complexity and time involved in getting credentialed with Medicare, These billers are aware of the steps to enroll a physician for the Medicare Program which will make your job easy.

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