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Houston being the largest city in the state of Texas and flourishing in Healthcare has Medical Billers and coders with expertise and several years of knowledge in the Billing and coding processes. Our Billers and coders from Houston cater to specialties ranging from Internal Medicine to the most complex emergency billing.

Billers having experience with hospital accounts as well as other managed care billing departments can be easily cited in the Texas region. These billers having skill sets across:

  • Patient query handling
  • Accurate coding on ICD 9 CM
  • Clean Claim filling and tracking payments
  • Responsive filing to rejection and ensuring payouts from various payers
  •  Account Receivables or insurance follow up is tracked seamlessly

The state of Texas most importantly has the clean claim laws. So Houston Billers are equipped and aware of the state’s rigid system which has penalties for clean claim violation. Our Billers take advantage of this law and generally target a 99.5% accuracy rate of clean claims in the first submission itself. The enthusiasm of these billers can streamline your operations and bring back the uncollected dollar to your practice.

 There HIPAA compliance and current certification will add value to your clinic’s collection like never before. To find the apt skill sets suiting your specialty and clinic requirements fill out the below form and find your biller in minutes.

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