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With more than 5 years of relevant experience, our Dallas billers can work on high amount of open insurance accounts in timely manner. They identify errors on patient accounts and correct the same. Apart from correcting patient accounts, they are involved in monitoring payments that are being posted to the account and at the same time correct billing errors on the accounts.

Other responsibilities range from working in close contact with the client staff on a regular basis, review accounts, clear backlog of reports, look into payment denials and insurance correspondence from carriers and also ensure quality recovery of reimbursements. Our billers and are extremely qualified and skilled in the following functions:

  •     Analyzing, reviewing and processing of  medical claims
  •     Processing of  electronic claims
  •     Representation of patients’ accounts
  •     Specialization in reimbursement
  •     Medical collection from Payers or Patients

Texas, the second largest state in the country, both in terms of area as well in population has sparsely settled areas with specialized healthcare being available at short distances through central Texas from Dallas, Plano, Irving and the Fort worth area.

Hospitals, clinics, physicians and other government agencies in the state have realized the importance of hiring specialist billers and coder which will result in timely payments and a great deal of reductions in rejected insurance claims. They have all been trained at various clinics and hospitals and understand the internal working of clinics.

Our Dallas coders are certified for the proper use of codes, complex procedures and diagnosis such as anesthesia, surgical services in pathology to facilitate practitioners in Dallas who want to focus on Patient Care alone.

Analyze each of our Billers skills to get the best fit for your Clinic.

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