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Wednesday September 10, 2014 | Edition 2.50
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Which City Offers the Highest Paying Job to Coders in the US?
An upward trend has been registered in salaries for medical billers and coders in the US. Between 2012 and 2014, the demand for skilled and certified coders went up, flooding the market with coding jobs. Even though the salary increase is not equally distributed in all the states, experienced coders now draw more than what they used to.

Industry facts:
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics for Medical Records and Health Information Technicians, one out of every 1,429 person of approximately 243.7 million Americans workforce is into the medical billing and coding profession
Approximately 30% medical billers and coders in the US are employed in hospitals where they get paid $38,000 and above as an average salary
Cities Offering High Wages to Coders and Billers
Geographical differences in remuneration of these professionals are determined by the cost of living, demand for billing professionals and various other factors. States located in the Northeast and West Coast of the US offer the most attractive pay packages to billers and coders. –
Demand Rising for Coders Trained in Vital ICD-10 Tools and Technology
Medical practices across the US are looking for certified coders who are well-trained in handling vital tools and the technology for ICD-10 transition...
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Highest percentage of medical coding and billing jobs in the US are located in Arizona, Montana, Washington, Oklahoma and South Dakota
2 As recommended by AHIMA, inpatient coders should receive training of 57-62 hours to get prepared for the new coding system
CMS Updates
1 Announcing Release of 2013 Medicare and Medicaid Statistical Supplement and CMS Fast Facts, July 2014 Version Read More
2 Now Available: Provider User Guide for NIST EHR Randomizer Tool
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Top 5 Reasons of Why Medical Coding is an Attractive Job Option

  1. Allied health professionals including medical billers and coders make up 60% of the total labor market and healthcare workforce in the US
  2. More than 800,000 practicing physicians in the US are on the lookout for qualified, well-trained coders
  3. This field offers flexibility, which means coders can work for more than one healthcare organization or even from the comfort of their homes
  4. Since the healthcare industry is expanding, medical coding profession offers various opportunities to coders, helping them to learn more and earn more
  5. Payment structure for coders is increasing as the demand is rising due to approaching ICD-10 deadline
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