Now Available: Provider User Guide for NIST EHR Randomizer Tool

Are you a provider in Stage 2 of meaningful use who needs help meeting measure #3 of the Transitions of Care core objective? If so, CMS and ONC encourage you to use a new provider user guide that outlines instructions on how to use the NIST EHR Randomizer, including:

  • Required information
  • Steps to register
  • Guidance on how to perform the test

The guide walks providers through every step of the Randomizer—from registration to completion of the test.

About the NIST EHR Randomizer

The Randomizer tool enables providers to exchange data with a Test EHR in order to meet measure #3 of the Stage 2 Transitions of Care objective.

Once registered, the tool pairs a provider’s EHR technology with a different test EHR from the list of authorized systems. The provider must then send a Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture summary of care record to the Test EHR.

Providers will receive an email with notification of success or failure that can be used as proof of meeting the measure.

Transitions of Care Objective in Stage 2

The Stage 2 Transitions of Care objective for eligible professionals and eligible hospitals includes three measures. Measure #3 is outlined below:

  • Conduct one or more successful electronic exchanges of a summary of care document, as part of which is counted in “measure 2” with a recipient who has EHR technology that was developed by a different EHR technology developer than the sender’s, or
  • Conduct one or more successful tests with the CMS designated test EHR during the EHR reporting period.

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