Announcing Release of 2013 Medicare and Medicaid Statistical Supplement and CMS Fast Facts, July 2014 Version

2013 Medicare and Medicaid Statistical Supplement

The Office of Information Products and Data Analytics is announcing the release of the 2013 Medicare and Medicaid Statistical Supplement, a valuable resource for data on the Medicare and Medicaid programs.

The Statistical Supplement is an annual report that includes 115 tables describing health expenditures for the entire U.S. population, characteristics of the Medicare and Medicaid covered populations, use of services, and expenditures under these programs. The tables, which can be viewed online or downloaded, are organized into the following 14 Chapters: Personal Health Care Expenditures, Medicare Enrollment, Medicare Program Payments, Medicare Cost Sharing, Medicare Short Stay Hospitals, Medicare Skilled Nursing Facilities, Medicare Home Health Agencies, Medicare Hospices, Medicare Physician Services, Medicare Hospital Outpatient Services, End Stage Renal Disease, Medicare Managed Care, Medicaid, and Medicare Part D Enrollment.

In the 2013 Statistical Supplement, CMS has updated the data tables to reflect the most recent data available – Personal Health Care Expenditures chapter (2012), all Medicare chapters (2012), End Stage Renal Disease chapter (2010 and 2011), and Medicaid chapter (2011).

CMS Fast Facts – July 2014 Version

The CMS Fast Facts is a quick reference summary of CMS program and financial data. CMS recently updated the Fast Facts with the following data: Medicare Institutional Providers, Calendar Year 2013; Medicare Physicians/Suppliers by Specialty, Calendar Year 2013; Medicare Fee-For-Service Claims Processed, Calendar Year 2013; Medicare Prepaid Contracts, as of June 2014.

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