Advantages of a Cloud-Based EHR for Large Practices

Clinical and operational needs of a large medical practice can be easily met with a cloud-based EHR. In such a system, practice data gets stored on external servers which can be easily accessed by physicians, managers and other authorised staff through the web. All they need is a mobile device or computer with an internet connection to access the stored data from anywhere they want.

Growing number of large practices are switching from client-server systems to a cloud-based EHR system. Here are some of the cloud-based EHR benefits due to which practices are making this switch:

Easy Accessibility

With the help of a secure Internet connection, cloud-based EHR users can log in and access the required data from anywhere on any device. Since the system can be accessed outside of the office, it becomes easy for physicians and staff to collaborate with patients and ensure better care co-ordination.

Ease of Implementation

There is no hardware or software installation required in implementing a cloud-based EHR. This system runs on the web and due to ease in implementation, large practices can reduce cash flow disruptions and ensure quick ROI.


EHR selection and implementation is a time-consuming procedure. Cost of installation is also a major concern for small as well as large practices for instance; small practices need to spend $40,000 or more for setting up a client-server system so imagine the cost incurred for large practices.

On top of this expense, they also need to spend on maintenance costs, licensing fees and updates. But in case of cloud-based EHR, these expenses are reduced to a great extent, helping practices save thousands of dollars. Cloud-based systems don’t require software licenses and only a monthly utility bill has to be paid.

Less Pressure on the IT Department

Implementation of cloud-based EHR eliminates the need for IT experts to install, configure, test, run or update the required software or hardware. The SaaS (software as a service) provider handles these tasks in case of a cloud-based system. Automatic updates are provided in such web-based systems which means, there is no need to track latest updates every time.

EHR is a significant investment for large practices and therefore, in order to get the best health record system, seeking assistance from a reputed billing and EHR vendor makes sense. Many billing companies such as also offer EHR consultancy, helping large as well as small practices select and implement the best cloud-based system.

According to the industry experts, choosing a cloud-based system is a smarter move for large practices because it helps them streamline clinical and operational needs with ease. However, some doctors have security concerns related to cloud-based EHRs. According to them, there is a risk of losing confidential PHI which is saved on the web. But experts believe that cloud-based systems are more secure compared to server-based systems. They achieve HIPAA compliance though data centres where secure encryption methods are used to ensure that stored data is not misused.

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Published Date - May-06-2015 Back

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