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Albuquerque, the largest city in the state of New Mexico is located in the central part of the state. With population growing at almost 10% in a decade and cost of healthcare steeping high, Practitioners in Albuquerque are realizing the need for efficiency in their administrative jobs.

The key to the success of any practice is revenue management and reimbursement for the services that are provided. Our billers and coders come up with cost effective solutions with the latest technology in order to ensure that your revenues are collected in a timely manner as much as possible. They are very successful in medical billing and coding due to their updated knowledge of:

  • Patient demographics, billing and payment posting
  • Paper as well as electronic submission of records
  • Assessment of fee schedules
  • Insurance data entry
  • Reimbursement follow up with Payers and patients
  • Providing Financial Reports to help you take decisions

The federal government spent $2.03 on New Mexico for every dollar of tax revenue collected from the state. This rate of return is higher than any other state in the Union. Of the $3.9 billion spent in the state of new Mexico, the highest spending is done on Medicaid of $835 mil, this goes a long way in showing the federal government’s participation in improving healthcare measures in the state but this herculean task of Quality Healthcare is not the responsibility of the Government alone. Every individual physician supporting the cause of reducing healthcare cost to provide better healthcare is going to benefit the New Mexicans tremendously.

Optimizing your revenues and using expertise to streamline your Albuquerque practice will help your patients, your practice and the state equally. Our Billers in this area will be ideal to do just that, their local knowledge of regulation change and healthcare demands will facilitate your practices’ reimbursement policy.

Map the best resource available to manage your practice with relevant specialty and software experience in New Mexico, from the billers listed below.



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