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Are you looking for Medical Billing Services in Austin? Our medical billing team understand the concerns of this competitive geography of Austin and have acquired skills to get the highest reimbursement.

The capital of Texas, Austin is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. The most important sector where growth has been witnessed is Healthcare. With clinics small and big, specialized and general, the profitability of each of these clinics is something that decision-makers are scrutinizing.

A Complete Medical Billing Solution to Physicians

MedicalBillersandCoders offers a complete and tailored solution to physicians and facilities, including a group of physicians, hospitals, urgent care clinics, and private physician practices. As the competent medical billing company in Austin, Texas, MedicalBillersandCoders billing experts are focused is in solving your billing and coding issues allow you and your staff to concentrate on what you do best.
Our billing experts work closely with physicians and their staff to increase revenue by providing excellent billing and coding support in Austin. This guarantees you that you can focus on your patient care and improved patient satisfaction. You can take advantage of their skills across the following expertise to plan the reimbursement strategy of your clinic.

Our Medical Billing Managers are experts in:

  • Patient Demographic Entry
  • Eligibility Verification
  • Medical Coding
  • Charge Entry
  • Claim Submission
  • Payment Posting
  • Denial Management
  • Account Receivables (A/R) Follow up
  • Patient Billing

From the last two decades, we’ve been delivering innovative, personalized solutions to physicians across the United States. We understand the billing challenges faced by healthcare organizations and cater to their needs accordingly. Our billing process is very simple and our transparent reporting helps you to get higher claims acceptance, faster reimbursements, and increased monthly revenue.

Why choose MedicalBillersandCoders in Austin, Texas?

  • Structured and Inexpensive Pricing
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Certified Professionals
  • Faster Turnaround
  • Transparent Reporting
  • Data Security: HIPAA Compliant

Outsource Medical Billing Services to Reduce Administrative Costs MedicalBillersandCoders offers the most affordable medical billing services in Austin, Texas. Our professional billers in Austin are trained to conduct timely filing and manage insurance claims which are carried out in the entire medical billing process. The Texas Medicaid and commercial Payers laws are well ingrained into Medical Billers and Coders of our consortium.

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