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Bridgeport, the most populous city in Connecticut, though this state is considered to be one of the wealthiest states with the highest per capita income but the cost of healthcare pinches all, the rich and poor alike. Connecticut physicians have an eye out to control costs and when competition is reducing costs everyone needs to take it seriously.

More and more practices in Bridgeport and its neighboring areas are opting for our billers and coders to reduce expenses and to ensure profitability. Our billers understand the intricacies of enhancing revenue by verifying fee schedules regularly. You can plan your billing requirements with the help of the expertise of  our billers around Bridgeport:

  • Regular billing for timely cash flow
  • Elimination of errors in insurance filing
  • Rigorous communication with payers
  • Speedy payment posting
  • Handling and control of receivables

Our billers from Bridgeport to new Haven and Stamford to Hartford know the Connecticut billing laws at the back of their hands. They keep themselves abreast of laws, to enhance your revenue. To these billers Connecticut is home and healthcare cost is just as much as their concern as is everyone else’s. They deal with ease with Medicare, Medicaid, BCBS and all commercial insurance payers.

Connect with these expert billers and find a biller catering to your specialty in your city!





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