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Cleveland is the largest city in the state of Ohio and located in the northeastern part of the state, the population of Cleveland to be that of 396,815. To cater to such a population the healthcare providers in the city range from Cardiology to neurology and from Chiropractic to Dental specialist. Managing the overall administration and reimbursement for all these specialists is definitely not an easy task.

 Our local billers and coders in Cleveland have been providing medical reimbursement solutions at a reasonable cost and are effective not only in the city of Cleveland but across the state of Ohio too. They have a multi specialty billing experience which also includes pain management and psychology. These are some of the billing functions which our billers are very apt in providing:

  • Coding with compliance to ICD-9 and CPT
  •  Payment posting
  • Patient billing and accounting
  • Credentialing of physicians
  • Recovery of account receivables
  • Electronic as well paper submission of claims

Ohio is home to world class medical facilities and the reason for it is the dedicated healthcare professionals, keeping this in mind the Billers in Ohio are trained to focus on healthcare to take away all administrative jobs from the doctors. Our Billers and Coders in Cleveland are no different.

They have an eye for the highest amount of reimbursement by following all healthcare regulations from Fair debt Collection Act to HIPAA to even the Privacy Rule. They manage to track Medicaid and Medicare rules and regulations concerning billing faster than anyone else due to our group updates and their local presence.

Our expert billers with a pool of knowledge will give your practice the edge in competing with Cleveland practices.



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