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Being the capital city of the U.S state of Ohio, Columbus is the fourth largest city in the American Midwest, healthcare and physician practices are booming in Columbus.  More and more medical providers in Columbus are looking for professional billers and coders to get their billing and coding jobs done accurately.

With more than 6 years of medical billing experience, our billers can help you get through your insurance claims, collections and account receivables in no time. The following skills of the Biller would help lining out your Medical Billing appropriately:

  • Verifying accuracy of medical coding and thus ensuring highest payment

  • Initiates electronic transmission as well as bills medical carriers by documenting billing information to database.
  • Determine disputed claims through gathering, verifying and providing additional information as well as making follow-up on claims
  • Making adjustments on patient bills by reviewing  advice on remittances and consulting medical offices
  • Maintain quality by following billing standards learnt during certification period

The move to electronic letter transmission is part of a statewide effort to reduce costs and increase efficiencies by the Department of jobs and family which governs Medicaid in the state of Ohio. Our Columbus billers are regularly updated by ODJFS and track paper billing to electronic claims regulations on a weekly basis. Their understanding and compliance of HIPAA would make your operations safe and secure

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Billing and Coding in a nutshell- The pictorial section will help you understand the 'this and that' of billing and management. Go through the infographs for an understanding of process, in short.

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