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The city of El Paso of West Texas is bustling with Healthcare needs, the local population has access to medical professionals but the level of healthcare can surely be better. If you have a medical establishment in El Paso, our Billers and Coders will help you to reach its full potential. What is it that stops a clinic to deliver excellent patient services?

 A medical practice which is well equipped and located in El Paso would only need the physician’s attention to flourish. If the focus of the practitioner is not divided in the administrative jobs and reimbursements of the clinic, it can easily grow.

Since most of the medical service providers in El Paso are quite time strapped to devote their attention on unpaid claims, our billers can help in your day to day billing operations, collect patient demographics etc. Here are a host of functions through which you can streamline your billing and coding requirements with our Billers:

  • Timely submission of claims to clearinghouses

  • Payment Posting

  •  Analyses and follow-up on rejected claims

  •  Keeping weekly track of your accounts and collections

  • Credentialing of new physicians

Texas with its huge healthcare infrastructure and high healthcare cost is looking for cost effective ways to maintain or even reduce the costs. Our billers with the specialized knowledge of your specialty and local Billing laws can help you make considerable revenues for your practice without any training time.

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