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Kansas City is the largest city in the state of Missouri and the anchor city in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area. With a growing population and need for healthcare, administration needs in Medical Offices are also on a rise. Billers and coder in Kansas City are experts in all the aspects of medical billing and coding the core of any medical billing and submission of the right insurance claims.

They have full knowledge of diagnosis codes and procedure codes that are used by the government health care programs as well as by other healthcare insurance companies and workers’ compensation carriers. Billers excelling in the below listed billing processes help you analyze your practice needs better:

  • Electronic as well as paper submission of claims
  • Secondary as well as tertiary billing
  • Review unpaid claims and conduct a full fledged follow up
  • Appeals made on denied claims
  • Monthly submission of patient statements
  • Regular updates in Payer rules and regulations

To encourage uniformity in the coding and the billing process, the Coding Standards Committee developed new coding standards which comprises of designated coding or billing staff. Keeping track of such changes in the State of Missouri is something that our local Kansas city billers do regularly.

Across the State of Missouri, Physicians understand the importance of maintaining profitability in a scene where health costs are being curtailed by the government. Our billers follow the best practices in the industry to provide you the best billing experience.



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