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Our billers in Little Rock, Arkansas provide accurate medical billing services to physicians and practices by utilizing the latest in technology. With practices putting more emphasis on revenue collection as one of their major concerns, our billers in Little Rock know the importance of expertise deployed in using appropriate codes. They apply their knowledge acquired over years of managing reimbursement processes on time, they mainly focus on the following:

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Filing electronic as well as paper claims
  • Catering to patient collections and inquiries
  • Seamless follow up on unpaid claims
  • Insurance application and credentialing


Our Little Rock billers are people with an in depth knowledge of the industry and know the importance of expert assistance in terms of medical billing and coding. Your financial well being is one of our most important priorities and our billers strive to get your practice the highest collection possible.

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Billing and Coding in a nutshell- The pictorial section will help you understand the 'this and that' of billing and management. Go through the infographs for an understanding of process, in short.

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