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Our local Memphis billers and coders provide valuable services to various medical practices in and around Memphis and help reduce receivables and speed up claims process for provider.  Some of the services which our billers have proficiency in, are:

  • Filing out accurate claim forms
  • Quick response to payer queries
  • Usage and understanding medical terminology
  • Compliance with various insurance carrier’s policies and procedures
  • Analyze and perform coding using ICD-9, HCPS

It is estimated that, for U.S. healthcare providers, gross charges denied by payers have grown over the last decade to 18% of all charges, physicians from Tennessee worrying about the denial ratio must consult our Billing and Coding specialists.

Their skills across accounts receivable and insurance follow up.  These billers will be extension of your practice and the billing and revenue collection could be completed without daily intervention or supervision.

To find billers from Nashville, Clifton and Memphis or any city of Tennessee match your requirement of biller with the below listed Medical Billing Professionals.



Our blog section can help you with information, experiences and opinions pertaining to the medical and medical billing industry.



Understand the billing and coding processes ranging through various specialties and states along with a plethora of healthcare related information.

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Billing and Coding in a nutshell- The pictorial section will help you understand the 'this and that' of billing and management. Go through the infographs for an understanding of process, in short.

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