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With changing government regulations along with the growth of managed care, the amount of paperwork for processing medical tests, treating and filing claims with insurance companies have increased in the state of California.

With an experience of around 20 years, our billers located in San Diego, California can offer you error free services with close attention to detail and ability to work under pressure. You can trust their skills with your medical billing process. Their expertise on these functions has helped many practices organizing their revenue cycle:

  • Verification of insurance
  • Coding (CPT, ICD-9, HCPCS, ASA, ADA)
  • Billing and management of account receivables
  • Organized and regular reporting on weekly and monthly collection
  • Recovery of debts

Our billers can help you administer fair pricing in your billing function so that everything is done in accordance with this law and you don’t have to deviate from your main task, i.e. patient care.
Medical billers are the financial link between patients, doctors and insurance companies. They collect payments from patients and submit reimbursement claims to insurance companies using a complex system of medical codes to account for every procedure and expense.



Our blog section can help you with information, experiences and opinions pertaining to the medical and medical billing industry.



Understand the billing and coding processes ranging through various specialties and states along with a plethora of healthcare related information.

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Billing and Coding in a nutshell- The pictorial section will help you understand the 'this and that' of billing and management. Go through the infographs for an understanding of process, in short.

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