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Seattle, a major city in the state of Washington in the northernmost part of the country has its fair share of healthcare reimbursement issues. Most clinics here suffer from long revenue cycle periods and denied claims.

Trained Billing professionals would be the ideal way to ensure optimized revenue cycles for Seattle physicians. Our billers and coders in and around Seattle are committed to assist you with all your insurance and patient billing needs of your practice.

Our billers apply their knowledge across healthcare to suit your billing processes and can offer end to end solution for your medical practice. If you are looking to streamline any of the below mentioned functions in your clinic, you may not have to look anywhere:

  • Patient registration
  • Electronic billing on primary as well secondary insurance claims
  • Follow-up on account receivables
  • Appeals on denied claims
  • Patient collections
  • Monthly practice reports

When a claim is partially paid or rejected, it is important that the explanation of the partial payment or rejection is understood by the Billing Professionals. It has been our experience that too few agents actually question why the claim benefit was administrated the way it was and leave it to the patient to follow up with the insurance companies. But not with our Billers in the Seattle area, they would go all the way to benefit your practice without making your patients upset.

From Renton to Seattle our Billers understand the effort of the state of Washington to reduce and detect fraud and insurance abuse, thus they implement the best Medical Billing and Coding practices and facilitate the Department of Social and Health Services. Your very own local Biller is aware of the Medicare and Medicaid programs run by the State, making them your best choice.
Explore the specialty, experience and software used by our Seattle Billers to match your requirement.



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