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The state of Arizona was the second fastest growing state in the nation in terms of population, Tucson as a city crossed the one-million-resident threshold in early 2007. Catering to such a population is a team of medical professionals who require support handling the administrative jobs in healthcare.

Our billers in Tucson can give you in-depth consultation in terms of software like Electronic Medical Records and also to increase your revenue and decrease your expenses. The areas of expertise of our billers that can help you to map avenues where your current billing could be hampered are:

  • Demographic entry of all patient information accurately within 24 hours
  • Submission of claims electronically
  • Seamless and integrated approach for maintaining reimbursement
  • Tracking reports specifying account receivables
  • Compliance of all the HIPAA rules and regulations

Our Billers are trained on the above skills as they understand the state government’s initiative to contain costs through, The Arizona Health Care Cost Containment system (AHCCCS).  Medical professionals across Tucson and other major cities of Phoenix and Mesa are looking at the practice management costs and employing specialists to handle their billing function professionally.

Our billers are expert who consistently look upon such Medicaid as well as commercial payer rules thereby streamlining practices. They have always been in the Arizona area which makes them aware and follow laws specific to the state.
Explore the capabilities of our local billers with specialty based knowledge across the state of Arizona.



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