How it works?

Physicians across the nation have been struggling to find a professional who can relieve them of their administrative chores so that they can face the challenges of providing quality healthcare. Most physicians would rather prefer a specialist taking care of the reimbursement process and maximize their revenue but they are tirelessly looking for the rest to manage their revenue cycle management.

Medical Consulting Services

MBC provides fully customized consulting services to healthcare providers in terms of program expertise, analytical services, and revenue cycle management, no matter the size of your operation.

Healthcare is a dynamic industry which has been revolutionized by far reaching changes enabled by IT in the recent times. With numerous updates on government regulations impacting everyday healthcare processes and decisions for patients, physicians, and insurers alike, it takes an expert to evaluate and determine their potential effects on each at micro as well as macro level

Why do you require expert consultancy services?

As the industry attempts to realign the relationship between key stakeholders in the healthcare scheme by removing the lacunae and ambiguities, the healthcare providers at all levels are likely to need professional support to meet these transformational changes. Consuming nearly 16% of the national GDP, healthcare is an important sector to be considered for revenue generation optimization and with community hospitals running into losses and rural healthcare struggling with unattractive remuneration, there is an urgent need for expert professional consultation to stimulate the industry.

The Payers' propensity to deny claims at the slightest opportunity further complicates the issue and makes it imperative to utilize professional support for pro-active revenue cycle management.

MBC understands the rapidly transforming healthcare scenario and provides end-to-end solutions for the implementation of your strategic, operational, and financial purposes.

Assuring regulatory compliance

How do MBC consultancy services provide you an edge over your competitors? We offer our skills and experience in the healthcare industry to ensure that you can cope with its sweeping innovations as well as prepare for the broad spectrum of healthcare compliances and accreditations.

The changing face of healthcare services has introduced latest compliances such as HIPAA 5010, ICD10, PQRI (Physician Quality Reporting Initiative CPOE (Computerized Physician Order Entry), HIE (Health Information Exchange), and the latest EHR updates which we can help to implement and integrate into your system with minimum hiccups during the transition process. But adopting these compliances with a reluctant team can be difficult. What your system may require is a knowledgeable motivator expert in the revenue cycle management.

We support our consultancy services by providing billing and coding experts who are certified by AAPC, experienced and tech-savvy and have a track record of providing error-free and denial-free services across all medical specialties. These billing and coding experts consistently upgrade and adapt their professional knowledge in order to provide a pro-active approach and optimum skill set to ensure a healthy revenue return for individual physicians, multispecialty groups, hospitals, and diagnostic centers across the nation. With their vast hands-on experience on innumerable projects across different states and updated knowledge of healthcare regulations, they bring a plethora of value-added services.

We also focus on establishing interoperability, privacy, and data protection and back-up norms which are part of the transformation geared towards improving patient outcomes.

We provide seamlessly integrated complete EMR Solutions through its various stages of implementation to effectively reduce medical errors in routine operations and improve the quality and efficiency of patient care.

How can you optimize your returns with our Revenue Cycle Management Solutions?

MBC can assist you in a thorough scrutiny of your revenue cycle and assess areas of deficiencies and make recommendations for potential improvement after analyzing your situation.

Our revenue cycle management experts can identify and expose the revenue leakages and inefficiencies by a multi-pronged analysis of areas such as

  • Training needs
  • Workforce Optimization
  • Software inadequacies
  • Outdated processes

These common issues often result in registration errors, little or no pre-verification of insurance coverage, and an absence of an effective collection policy for insurance deductibles and co-pays.

Similarly, analyzing Account Receivables reports with in-depth research of payer-wise, patient-wise, and service-wise receivables helps to establish the blockages in the cash flows which can then be resolved easily.

The ability to avoid RAC audits and the importance of refunds to Medicare in time, when there has been an overpayment invariably need the attention of a specialist. Pointing out these technicalities and helping your team implement these in their daily practices, is the task of our consultants in your office.

Our experienced Revenue cycle management consultants boost your revenues, improve your staff performance, and streamline your existing processes and interoperability with new systems. We provide customized consulting services with detailed analysis and documentation of all relevant revenue cycle processes, including issues relating to compliance with HIPAA privacy regulations.


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