Medical Transcription Services

A lot goes into having accurate reimbursement and achieving proper patient care. Documentation is one such crucial process. We cater to the medical documentation needs of a wide range of specialties and provide tailored services as per the physicians' requirements.

We majorly focus on

Orthopedics Transcription

Documentation remains the skeleton of all healthcare practices. Amongst the most required services under Medical Transcription...

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Podiatry Transcription

Podiatrists and podiatry surgeons across all states have depended on medical transcriptionists to have their medical records in place...

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Radiology Transcription

Radiologists across the US depend on trained medical transcripts to return their reports to the concerned physicians or departments...

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Cardiology Transcription

The quality of patient care is directly proportionate to the efforts invested in documenting patient visits and the validity of this...

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Pathology Transcription

Pathology transcription services are a specialized branch in medical transcription and have a crucial requirement for properly formatted...

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Oncology Transcription

Pressing documentation needs and specialized knowledge requirement in the field of oncology has made oncologists nationally to look for...

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Some of the highlights of their services are

Accuracy and Quality

Our medical transcription experts believe in high level of accuracy for which they adopt multiple levels of quality measurement and introduce quality checks at different control points to ensure completeness and integrity of healthcare information.

Turn-around- Time

Our experts provide you shortest turnaround time of 24 hours, which means your reports will be with you before the next day, helping you enhance patient care.

Dictation system

Both toll free and digital recorders are available as per your preference.

100% HIPAA complaint

Exceeding HIPAA compliance guidelines is our expert's commitment to their clients. They also provide utmost security for Patient Health Information (PHI) and provide full encryption of data.

Effective pricing

Our Medical Transcription services accounts value for money. Charged per line, each line includes 65 characters.


With evolving times and EMR implementation, healthcare documentation needs have changed. Considering these changes our experts can help you to integrate your old records in to the EMR of your choice and also can assist you by typing into your EMR.

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