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ENT Practices Overcoming Revenue Challenges with MBC

In its continuing effort to provide excellent billing solutions to various medical specialties,, a leading provider of Medical Billing and Practice Management solutions is pleased to announce the simpler billing guidelines from its ENT (Otolaryngology) billing department. With this release, MBC intends on helping ENT professionals survive complex billing and coding challenges to ensure timely payments.

According to Jessica Parker, a healthcare expert at MBC- “Otolaryngology practices have to bill for office visits, equipment (rent or purchase), surgical procedures which adds to the complexity of their medical billing process. They face challenges with bundling at multiple levels and intricate involvements. It is due to the various combinations of Otolaryngology billing that we are encouraged to expand the scope of our services and help our ENT clients get paid on time.”

Coding Inaccuracies Eating Up ENT Practice Revenue

“Coders at Otolaryngology practices have to face the challenging task of coding for a wide variety of issues ranging from nose bleeds to acute respiratory infections. Otolaryngology coding can be quite complex and daunting for inexperienced coders. With ICD-10 approaching, we wanted to extend our coding expertise to our ENT specialists, without having them worry about coding errors and claim denials”- said Shawn Matthew, RCM consultant at MBC.

Besides sprucing up billing and coding procedure, Otolaryngology practices will also have to invest significant time in conducting documentation audits for successful transition to ICD-10.

“Our company has been witnessing a sharp increase in ENT clients who are looking for effective billing and RCM solutions to survive ICD-10 - said Jessica. She also added that the outsourcing trend has picked up pace because providers lack time to focus on necessary changes for the transition. Physicians and decision makers are discovering that depending on two to three billing personnel is hitting their cash flow and that the traditional team can barely meet expectations of getting the billing straight, with insurance follow up always being taken as the last task. With ICD 10 complexity, they know they have to seek expertise and more dedicated solutions to their billing woes.

Billing Challenges Faced by ENT Specialists

Denials caused due to improper usage of CPT codes and modifiers have been plaguing many ENT practices. They have been suffering from claim denials or delayed payments as their billing team is not handling coding guidelines. They have billers and not coders who fail to overcome the complexities of Otolaryngology coding from an effective reimbursement perspective. Due to this, not all ENT practices increase their profitability year on year.

In many ways the complexity of ENT surgeries and procedures are comparable to Ambulatory Surgical Centre’s that face similar issues when it comes to coding for various treatments. That is another area of expertise which MedicalBillersandcoders’ specialists handle with utmost care. Identifying loopholes in revenue cycle and suggesting appropriate solutions to overcome issues is now the only goal for MBC- said Shawn.

In our 15 years of business, we have ensured that our clients get paid for every rendered service without having to worry about anything except quality care provision. We wish to do the same for our Otolaryngology and Ambulatory surgical center clients - he further added.

Currently, MBC has had great success in streamlining the revenue cycle for practices and now it wishes to work further with Otolaryngologists and solve their revenue issues with the lurking reimbursement threats of ICD 10.

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