While thousands of medical practitioners around the world strive to render excellent services to the patients, over a period of time it becomes difficult to keep up. Grueling and long work hours, dedication to work, the need to stand and run throughout the day and ensuring each day and every minute of your time is spent with sheer dedication and a sharp attention span can be toiling.

With the advancement of technology in medical fields too, medical processes including medical billing services have become simplified. In the case of an integrated workflow in terms of a medical practitioner, the following steps are taken:

• A patient searches online for a reputed doctor. After careful consideration, reading reviews and doing his research, the patient settles on an appropriate one.

• Before the visit happens, the patient needs to complete all paperwork formalities from his end. Any other additional requirements, for the doctor are also fulfilled before the visit.

• For the visit, the physician uses a mobile tablet or a laptop to reach out to the patient. The patient is asked for his personal data and other important inclusions like previous medical history, allergies and also symptoms and results of the current condition so the doctor is able to take an appropriate measure. For any other additional necessities like tests etc. prescriptions maybe written.

• For medication or tests, the same is documented via an email and sent to the nearest pharmacy or medical laboratory for the tests to be conducted. After completion, the reports may also be shared with the doctor in a similar manner.

• After completion, the details of the patient is maintained in an electronic health record (EHR) after which necessary information is shared with the insurance company after which coverage is taken care of.

The entire process becomes simplified, convenient and hassle-free for both the patient as well as for the patient. Some of the benefits include:

• Increase in efficiency: The entire process is extremely time-friendly and can be done from just about anywhere. The process of communicating with the patient, lab technicians and pharmacists is also done digitally, making it extremely easy and quick.

• Simplified and up-to-date documentation: Since it is already pre-typed out by the patient, the documentation can be easily included into digital mediums and also sent to necessary medical persons.

• Satisfied physicians: Since one can communicate from just about anywhere, doctors need not stay in the hospital to study a patient's case and can provide treatment online. This plays a great role in their social cycles and promotes happiness & satisfaction.

• Reduction in medical errors: One of the major causes that even lead to deaths, medical errors can be minimized using this system of practice.

• Increase on the financial front: Since doctors need to spend less time with each patient, they can provide service to many individuals in this case.

Furthermore, physicians should do their best to make this process better and encourage more patients to opt for it. By providing timely and good medical advice, being reachable by phone and email and also co-coordinating well with medical billing company to make matters easy, such goals can be achieved.

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Published Date - Jun-02-2017 Back

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