In medical billing, few things have an impactful result on the practice when it comes to the daily revenue generation which is held through a strong string of cash flow reimbursement rate. Considering the estimate by management and business academy key metrics around approximately 67 percent of the income for the doctors come from third-party insurance payers which include government, private insurance, and employers. Timely billing and cash-flow is the need for the maintaining the cash-flow of the practice.

If your income numbers are not matching with the required revenue you should have at the end of the month the reason might be that you have missed out being conscious about the cash-flow and spending.

Avoid Revenue Drain

One of the biggest two drains in medical practice is the demand for an unnecessary resource or outsourcing the necessary billing tasks. In an imperative way, many practices today are losing out on the revenue through the billing staff which already has trouble keeping up with ever-changing coding and billing regulations the bills are usually prone to error. With late bill submission or worse, even an overlooked document can lead to huge losses.    

Now the next question for many of them would be How to maintain the cash flow?

  1. Outsource your Medical Billing and Coding requirements

Most of the practices believe that it’s easier to outsource your medical billing and coding but an improved performance would require choosing the right target audience while reducing the cost of employees and technology.   Here are the benefits of hiring an Outsource billing company

  • Channelized to plan out the requirement for resources.
  • Ability to focus on patient care
  • Elimination of "non-medical" office space for better organization
  1. Technology and Human resource utilization

Technology and Human resources are alone of the most important factors when it comes to claiming process and practices seem to make wrong decisions when it comes to the choice between the technology and the planning the company would provide for each claim.  When it comes to choosing the right organization for the outsourcing job a practice should have certain basic criteria to look out for:-  

  1. How many years of experience does the organization have in terms of medical billing?
  2. Have they worked with your specialty? What was the revenue scale they work on?
  3. What is the denial percentage and how does the denial follow-up work?
  4. What is the total strength of the team segregated according to the different stages of the medical billing?

Besides improving the cash-flow. Medical billing companies also offer a wide range of benefits which includes reducing the administrative benefits, allowing the medical professionals to focus on the core functions which can impact the patient treatment. As the medical industry moves away from fee for service to value-based reimbursement it might be the chance for you to improve your medical billing process.  

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