Dental practices benefit a lot from a well streamlined medical billing process. It helps in collecting maximum reimbursements from the payers. Quite a few dentists are not aware that many surgical procedures that are performed in the mouth, during biopsies, excisions of pathology and treating traumatic injuries are covered under medical benefit plans.

Dentistry has gained prominence of late due to the realization that the body can have adverse effects of oral problems. Slowly but steadily insurance carriers are also realizing the benefit of having dental medical plans. In the same way, dentists are understanding the importance of tying up with insurance companies too. Adopting an effective and efficient medical billing process seems the only way out to sustain a profitable practice and to maximize their revenue.

Industry Fact File

The dental industry has been around for a long time and it is still growing. Let us look at a few numbers to put this into perspective.

It is expected that the value of dental industry with respect to the entire economy is expected to grow at an annualized rate of above three percent in a period of ten years till 2019

During this period the anticipated rise in GDP is expected to be above two percent. This shows that the industry is growing faster than the overall economy. This is attributed to the fact that people are becoming aware of the role oral health plays in overall health. The robust dental industry is expected to benefit with the improving dental care insurance coverage.

In fact, even during the recession period the industry performed well and is expected to continue benefitting from favorable demographic trends, improvement in technology and the increasing awareness of the vitality of oral hygiene

What Can you Bill?

Apart from trauma related dental services, there are other services too that can be billed under medical plans. The prerequisite for a dental service to be considered for payment under a medical plan is that it should be a medically necessary procedure based upon the patient’s health condition and the dentist’s diagnosis. Few examples are: exams and consultations for oral - facial medical conditions, oral surgery procedures such as hard and soft tissues biopsies, medically necessary radiographs and so on.

A few advantages of filing medical related dental billing services with medical plans are:

  • Dental plans have a yearly maximum limit which other medical plans usually do not have
  • The patient’s out-of-pocket expenses will reduce significantly when medical or trauma-related services are covered under both, a dental and a medical plan
  • The chances of acceptance of cases by the insurance carriers will also increase for those procedures that fall under the filing guidelines of medical plans


The largest obstacle faced by dentists is to get paid by the insurance companies due to lack of timely follow-up.’s diligent AR team makes sure your dental practice gets its dues on time.

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