Gastroenterology practices must take the new coding changes into account in order to avoid leaving significant money on the table. Approximately 25% of the AMA (American Medical Association’s) changes to CPT codes in 2014 will be affecting gastroenterology coding significantly. These changes have been brought in order to revise gastroenterology codes for capturing advances in endoscopic techniques, devices and technology. 2015 will bring coding changes for lower gastrointestinal services.

Coding changes that will affect gastroenterology practices:

CPT 2014 has brought significant changes to the procedures reported routinely by gastroenterologists. There have been descriptor changes to upper GI endoscopy procedure codes for including type of scope used and route of entry.

New codes have been introduced for esophagoscopy, stent placements, ablation, dilation of esophagus and for ERCP. Many old codes in ERCP have gone through descriptor changes.

Are your coders prepared for these changes?

Gastroenterologists will have to prepare their gastroenterology coding and billing department for 2014 coding revisions. Since ICD-10 is round the corner, extra preparation will be required to ensure that errors don’t disrupt cash flow of your practice. Gastroenterology coders will have to speed up on several gastro-specific diagnoses, including broader reporting options in ICD-10 for chronic gastritis with specifics on progress of condition.

How to prepare your practice for gastroenterology coding changes?

Maintaining accuracy in gastroenterology billing and coding can be a challenging task, requiring experience and expertise to ensure timely payments. Coders and billers should be trained in tracking underpayments effectively or else your practice can see 7-10% low levels of reimbursement.

Facilities cannot afford to invest a significant amount of time in ensuring collection of maximum reimbursement for their practice. Due to this, several practices and ambulatory surgery centers are outsourcing their medical billing requirements. With the help of an experienced gastroenterology billing partner, practices are enhancing collection rates and reducing delays and claim denials.

  • You will get 24/7accessibility to financial information and patient data
  • There will be transparency in your revenue cycle being handled by the billing partner
  • The billing company will ensure accuracy in financial and practice management reporting
  • Your income will increase and collection rates will enhance
  • Headache of balancing administrative tasks, patient care, hiring or training staff will be eliminated

A team of trained, certified coders will be handling your revenue cycle management, reducing instances of errors in claim submission. This will not just maximize revenue for your practice but also give you the required time to concentrate on clinical documentation and patient care. has been offering effective gastroenterology coding and billing services to gastroenterology services across 50 states in the US. Our team is proficient in handling payer relations, patient relations, billing, coding, collections, client reporting, managed care contracts and fee analysis for gastroenterologists. Coders at MBC remain up-to-date with latest changes in gastroenterology codes so, you don’t have to worry about accuracy in coding. Only the latest medical billing software is used by MBC to handle billing services for practices. Our aim is to maximize your reimbursements and give you ample time to concentrate on patient care.

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