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2019 OB-GYN ICD 10 Coding Updates & Changes

With the year 2019 approaching; there has been a buzz of new medical billing codes. The year 2018 has been hectic for the medical and healthcare industry professionals as ICD-10-CM codes introduce nearly 500 changes, 33 of them in Obstetrics and Gynecology; as well as in several other specialties.

So what’s new to expect in the year 2019 OB-GYN coding?  The 2019 ICD-10 adds a code for maternal depression screening i.e. Z13.32 and two for personal history of sexual exploitation Z62.813 and Z91.42.

There are more than a dozen new codes for multiple-gestation pregnancies i.e. O30 series. And five of the added codes cover doubling of the uterus which includes complete, partial, unspecified, and other—the Q51 series, this means it requires sharpening the understanding and documentation to ensure the denials don’t happen. Staying on top of the new and revised ICD-10 codes coming Oct. 1 should be a priority for your ob-gyn practice.

New Codes Introduced for OB-GYN are:

O30.1 Triplet pregnancy

  • O30.13   – Triplet pregnancy, trichorionic/triamniotic
  • O30.131 – Triplet pregnancy, trichorionic/triamniotic, first trimester
  • O30.132 – Triplet pregnancy, trichorionic/triamniotic, second trimester
  • O30.133 – Triplet pregnancy, trichorionic/triamniotic, third trimester
  • O30.139 – Triplet pregnancy, trichorionic/triamniotic, unspecified trimester

O30.2 Quadruplet pregnancy

  • O30.23    – Quadruplet pregnancy, Quadra chorionic/Quadra-amniotic
  • O30.231  – Quadruplet pregnancy, Quadra chorionic/Quadra-amniotic, first trimester
  • O30.232  – Quadruplet pregnancy, Quadra chorionic/Quadra-amniotic, second  trimester
  • O30.233  – Quadruplet pregnancy, Quadra chorionic/Quadra-amniotic, third trimester
  • O30.239  – Quadruplet pregnancy, Quadra chorionic/Quadra-amniotic, unspecified trimester

O30.8 Other specified multiple gestations

O30.83 – Other specified multiple gestations, number of chorions and amnions are both equal to the number of fetuses

New Codes for Surgical Wound Infections

There is a whole new lot of new codes available for obstetric surgical wound infections. With the new coding changes in wound infections, you’ll find that there are now individual codes for deep incision sites, sepsis, organ and space site, incisional site, unspecified, and other. If you don’t add the additional character needed providing the detailed information about the wound sites, the payer will not be able to accept the code and the denial chances are huge.

Let MBC help you avoid claim denials and potential paybacks. With MBC’s Ob-Gyn Medical Billing and Coding partner; you’ll stay on top of the latest ICD-10, and HCPCS code changes, as well as revisions to ob-gyn coding guidelines, payer policies, CCI bundles, payer policies, modifiers, and much more.

MBC’s updated guidance delivered each month will equip you to keep pace with industry updates and conquer the myriad revenue-risking challenges that complicate your work.


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