Medicare billing for Cataract Post-Op Co-Management

Co-management compliance is tracking down by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services OIG (Office of Inspector General). You should manage the patient’s transfer of care correctly as well as it must be medically acceptable (determination is made by the surgeon and the patient). Transfer of care is defined as a transfer of responsibility […]

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Improve Optometry Medical Billing Collections

An optometry practice has also the same agenda as other small businesses – you want to succeed. To achieve success in business is one that focuses on growing revenue while providing excellent experiences to their customers. Here, customers are patients. Improving optometry medical billing collections is a vital strategy to achieve financial stability. Suggestions to […]

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How to Credential Your Practice with Vision Plan?

You just graduated from a school of optometry and decided on your practice location. If you Vision plan on examining patients who wish to use their vision and medical insurance, you must be an ‘in-network provider’ with that insurance company. According to the US Census Bureau, over 83 percent of the US population has health […]

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Medicare Covered Vision Services

Medicare Fee-For-Service/ original Medicare does not normally cover routine vision services, such as eyeglasses and eye exams. Medicare may cover some vision costs associated with eye problems resulting from an illness or injury. This article covers Medicare-covered vision services for certain beneficiaries, including Intraocular lenses (IOLs); Glaucoma screenings, and other Medicare-covered services. Generally, Medicare covers […]

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HIPAA Compliance for Optometry

Running a successful practice in today’s competitive eye care industry requires you to be up to date and aware of everything that happens under your roof. One of the key areas of practice management that cannot be compromised is HIPAA compliance within Optometry. Any missteps can create a headache for everyone involved and can lead […]

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Understand Basics of Optometry E/M Coding

Typically, eye care practitioners don’t use the E/M codes for what most Optometry service considers a general eye examination. They are more typically used for patient encounters where the patient presents with a medical complaint or a continuation of medical case management (i.e., glaucoma, allergy, dry eye). The five levels of E/M codes are universally […]

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