3 Medical Billing Offers that can Improve your Practices Revenue

3 Medical Billing Offers that can Improve your Practices RevenueIs the AR follow-up procedure overlooked at your practice? If the answer is yes, your practice bottom line might be at risk. Even if you feel that our accounts receivable is running smoothly, there is a strong need to audit and cleanup AR at regular intervals. This will not only help you maintain a steady cash flow but also help you add those uncollected dollars into your bank balance.

How Accounts receivable grows to unsatisfactory levels?

Here are some of the reasons due to which accounts receivable keeps getting accumulated:

  • Issues with Medical Billing

Inconsistencies in medical billing procedure and lack of data integrity are two main reasons due to which AR starts getting accumulated. A significant amount of money goes uncollected if the billing team is not submitting error-free claims on time or following-up with insurance companies for denied claims

  • Changes in Payer Rules

If the billing team is not updated with the changes in payer rules, it can also lead to denials and increased AR days

  • Untrained Billing Team

Huge backlogs can occur if the billing staff is not trained in handling claims submission and follow-up procedure. Lack of training not only reduces productivity but also makes room for billing errors that lead to denials and increased AR days

Unclogging AR Stoppages for FREE!

If you feel it is a little late in the year for cleanup of old accounts, how about a FREE AR cleanup offer?  Yes! You read that right

At MBC, we understand the difficulties involved in payment collections. Therefore, we have come up a bunch of exciting, lucrative FREE offers for physician practices. We are offering FREE old AR cleanup for first 5000 dollars. If you have been planning to work on old accounts but not getting the time, availing this offer will help you collect and save more.

Three Exciting Offers by MedicalBillersAndCoders.com

If you have been paying in-house billing employees to follow-up on claims but there has been no improvement in cash flow, MBC’s FREE offer will surely get you results without any expense. Besides AR cleanup, MBC is also offering FREE practice performance analysis to physicians who wish to identify loopholes in their revenue cycle and work on streamlining business functions. Third offer on the list is FREE backlog clearance to help practices bring in more revenue without spending a single penny.

Many Practices have already been benefitted with our services. It is the time for your practice to take advantage of these interesting offers. All the 3 offers are running for a limited period of time. Contact us today to avail these exciting offers & to see a noticeable increase in your revenue collection.