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6 Tips for Easy OB/GYN Medical Billing

Obstetricians are specialist physicians in pregnancy and postpartum, gynecologists are the one who specializes in the female reproductive system. The health conditions that both these specialties deal with are diverse and diagnosing and treating them definitely involves a lot of detailing along with specificity.

OB/GYN billers have to undergo a typical and frustrating medical billing concern, which occurs when the patient suddenly switches to another physician during the course of pregnancy. Moreover, the multiple complaints and complications that the pregnant patients and postpartum conditions have to make OB/GYN medical billing a huge challenge.

Following the right steps of OB/GYN billing with modern methods will certainly ensure guaranteed reimbursements and increase in your revenue.

1. Documenting Specific Trimester:

New codes will be included in the medical billing system with the transition to ICD-10 this October 01. There are certain codes in chapter 15 of the ICD-10-CM Manual that require the medical coders to specifically report during different trimesters. Physicians will have to document the billing with a specific number of weeks and days

2. Reporting Annual GYN Exam:

The code for the annual GYN exam in ICD-10 is Code Z01.4. Physicians should document the annual GYN exam information accurately and in detail with information about whether the findings have any peculiarities or abnormalities. If the physician is not aware or trained in ICD-10 coding, engaging OB/GYN medical billing services can help prevent probable loss in revenue

3. Documenting the Cause of Pelvic Pain:

If a physician identifies the cause of pelvic pain associated with menstruation, the information should be coded precisely. It is important to document this information so that the coder can file the code appropriately

4. Documenting Migraines:

When a patient comes with a complaint of chronic migraine with menstrual cramps, physicians should ensure the billing staff knows that the patient has a menstrual migraine. There are codes in ICD-10 for migraines, including menstrual migraines like ICD-10-CM codes G43.82 and G43.83

5. Reason for Fetus Viability Scans:

Physicians need to check the scans performed during the routine screening for viability, or symptoms like decreased fetal movement, fetal amenia, etc. as it indicates the patient has a miscarriage and update the staff or enter the precise information in his EHR system for accurate billing

6. Maternal Age Complicates Pregnancy:

If the patient is above 30 yrs of age, the physician has to specify if the advanced maternal age is the factor for delivery. For instance, during the delivery process, the patient may go through pre/post eclampsia, an increased likelihood of postpartum hemorrhage that can cause the problem

Physicians can avail medical billing and coding services from experienced professionals from expert billing partners like Medical Billers and Coders. Their team of coders and billers are regularly updated on the latest healthcare reforms and changes in the billing process. They are managing diverse billing needs of over 40 medical specialties from the last 15 years. Outsourcing OB/GYN medical billing can boost your revenue remarkably.


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