Are you constantly receiving denial code? Time to Outsource Podiatry Medical Billing and Coding Services

Receiving denial claims is upsetting for both the medical staff and the doctor. It happens often that, irrespective of how much one takes care of ensuring that everything is in the line and proper there are still denial codes. When repeated problems occur specifically involving  ICD-9 or CPT codes, instead of looking at the claim denials as a defeat it’s time to come up with a crucial solution. Outsourcing your podiatry medical billing and coding services to a professional company like MBC.

When the healthcare industry is giving so much attention to patient care, it makes it tough for any podiatry practitioner to keep up with quality care. Since billing is eating too much time. Taking time in correcting the errors, training the staff, leading to proper payments, ensure that the documentation is on the line. So, why not get out of this billing stress by involving a professional medical billing and coding partner like MBC to do the backend job?

Here’s why you should Outsource Podiatry Medical Billing and Coding Services:

MBC Billing Expertise

Certified by the American Association of Professional Coders, MBC is proficient in using advanced medical billing coding software, the expert at applying standard CPT, HCPCS procedure and supply codes, and ICD-CM diagnosis coding as per CMS guidelines and HIPAA compliant medical coding is fundamentally responsible for optimum medical billing management services to Podiatry physicians.

Zero Mistakes / Errors

Staying ahead of the curve when it comes to changes and updates to medical billing codes and insurance industry regulations and requirements can be a daunting, full-time job.

The regular challenges of managing the billing cycle in-house can drain precious resources from your podiatry practice and distract from care, and the overall patient experience.

Mistakes and oversights in medical coding and insurance claims can also be costly, and result in delayed or denied claims, and ultimately less revenue. When you have MBC as your medical billing and coding partner, there is a 0% chance of such errors and mistakes happening.

Enabling Accurate Podiatry Medical Billing and Coding

MBC being Podiatry billing specialists follows a compliant CPT coding regimen in applying accurate codes for complex services which involve:

  • 76881 for ultrasound, extremity, nonvascular, real-time with image documentation
  • 76882 for the limited ultrasound, extremity, non-vascular, real-time with image documentation
  • 93922 for non-invasive physiologic studies of upper or lower extremity arteries, single level as well as bilateral
  • 93926 for the duplex scan of lower extremity arteries or arterial bypass grafts;
  • 20552 for injections, single to multiple trigger point
  • 20553 for injections, single to multiple trigger point
  • 20605 for arthrocentesis, aspiration, and/or injections
  • 20610 for arthrocentesis, aspiration, and/or injection

Reduce Your Expenditures

MBC’s clients have witnessed reduce in their overall expenditures. All you need is the Internet and a PC. The software comes all-inclusive or you can choose to outsource the entire billing and coding to the team who takes care of your entire practice process.  MBC offers complete billing solutions and practice management needs under one roof.

Closing Thoughts

In order to perform billing and coding tasks for podiatry practices and to receive maximum reimbursement for services provided, it is important to understand the complex rules and guidelines that insurance companies use to judge podiatry claims. Many billing services claim to have this industry insight but often fall short.

For example, medical billing companies that do not specialize in podiatry billing may not have the ability to properly track and pursue underpayments – and this could cost a podiatrist approximately 15% of their income.

In order to avoid billing and coding-related pitfalls such as this one, podiatrists should work with podiatry billing services employing qualified, certified billers.

Medical Billers and Coders (MBC) is a leading revenue cycle management company providing complete medical billing and coding services. We have a team of certified coders and billers who are well-versed in Podiatry Medical Billing and Coding. By outsourcing your coding and billing needs to us, you can focus on providing high-quality patient care while leaving the administrative tasks to the experts. To learn more about MBC and experience working with Podiatry Medical Billing and Coding Practices, contact MBC today at info@medicalbillersandcoders.com888-357-3226.