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Best Practices for Front Desk Team in Healthcare

You know every member of your team is responsible for creating an exceptional customer experience, but the front desk team is accountable for most of these responsibilities like scheduling patient appointments, collecting payments like co-pays and other balances due, upfront.

You know that the healthcare industry is dynamic and facing various regulatory changes periodically which requires extensive knowledge of the constantly adapting medical codes from your staff. It also requires accurate information from the staff who collect those initial details and interact more regularly with the patient.

Correct medical billing is important for timely and accurate reimbursement which requires correct insurance and identification information, the front desk team is responsible for this. Without the correct insurance and identification info, the entire billing process will not be able to correctly go through, and patients will not always know when they have a balance due up-front.

Here are some best practices for the Front Desk Team:

Insurance Information

You have observed that many a time insurance ineligibility is one of the top reasons a bill is rejected hence your front desk team should be alert and follow a set process for both new and returning clients. Our company can help you in this task by providing upfront patient insurance eligibility and make you aware whether you will get reimbursed from the payer or not. It helps to avoid the extra headache of an uninsured bill.

As the ‘face’ of the practice, the front desk greets patients and verifies insurance information with each visit. Moreover, Having some time with patients allows them to express concerns and received explanations and recommendations from the doctor.

Here are some sample questions that your staff can be used to get information:

  • Do you have accurate insurance information?
  • Is your insurance up to date?
  • Do you have coverage from any other insurance plans?
  • Have you contacted your insurance regarding the maximum number of allowable visits?
  • What is the patient’s liability of the total costs?

Get help from Technology

You know technology advancement is changing every sector and healthcare is no exception for that. You should avail some software like RCM, Practice Management (PM) software which helps to enhance your revenue with minimal efforts, or you can outsource your medical billing to us, we use advanced software and tools to make you aware about outstanding payments, copays, etc. with minimum supervision as well as verifying insurance edibility of patients.

For example- With the right Practice Management (PM) software, the front staff should also be aware of any balances that need to be collected on the day of the appointment: outstanding bills, copays, etc.

Upfront Collection

As you have seen above, spending more time with patients by the front desk provides a better chance for “point of service” collections, and we help you for this by offering instant information for any upfront collections. The front desk needs to collect any other amounts already owed apart from just copays. Higher-deductible plans mean more money due from patients, so collecting balances due or other costs at the time of service can mean an easier time collecting payments due by your back office’s A/R department.

Provide training and education to staff

You need to remember that your front desk staff is a key mediator between provider and patient hence you need to provide the training and education about patient interactions which helps to enhance the customer experience as well as follow-up for outside payments.

Finally, Medical billing tasks include coding, claims submission, aging reports, self-pay, payment posting, statement processing, and the management of denied claims. How your practice handles these steps directly impacts your ability to get paid the full amount that you are owed as quickly and efficiently as possible. You can get in touch with us to know more about the revenue potential of your practice and the front desk team’s efforts at maintaining the revenue cycle.


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